4 Different Ways to Volunteer on the Upper West Side

New York is a city full of opportunity. Whether you’re looking to start a new career, go to school, or get involved in the arts, you’ll find something in NYC. It’s also a city full of volunteer opportunities. If you’re looking to give back to your community while living on the Upper West Side, there are plenty of organizations that want to work with you.

Work with the Parks

There are plenty of parks in New York City, and a number of them are on the Upper West Side. If you’re looking for a way to get involved with your local part, check out the Partnerships for Parks program. One of the initiatives supported by the program is “It’s My Park,” which takes place in the spring and fall each year. During the event, volunteers work on making their neighborhood park nice by painting benches, cleaning up litter, and planting bulbs or flowers. Another way to volunteer with NYC parks is to work with the yearly Summerstage program, which takes place across the city every summer.

Help the Hungry

The NYC Food Bank has a lot of need for volunteers. No matter your skill set, if you want to help feed the hungry in Manhattan and the rest of NY, you’ll find a way to help out at the food bank. The organization has openings for call center support, for food bank distribution, and repacking at distribution centers. If you want to work directly with people, you can volunteer to help elderly people shop at the grocery store or volunteer to serve food in a community kitchen.

Support the Arts

If you love the arts, it can be worthwhile to donate your time to helping the next generation of artists. Free Arts NYC has several volunteer programs. For example, you can participate in the arts mentoring program, which runs for 12 weeks. As an arts mentor, you work with a small group of young students, helping them create visual arts projects. You use a curriculum and work under the supervision of a program facilitator, so you aren’t completely on your own.

You can also volunteer for the program’s Free Arts Days, or FADs. On FADs, you work directly with a child or student on a variety of art projects.

Bridge the Generation Gap

There are numerous elderly people living on the Upper West Side and in other areas of New York. If you volunteer with DOROT, you can help improve the lives of the many seniors in the area. The mission of the organization is to make living independently as an elderly person less of an isolated experience and to bring people of a variety of ages together.

DOROT has a variety of volunteer opportunities, including a number of skill-based openings, such as positions for public speaking coaches, writers, and accountants to help run and support the organization. Other volunteer opportunities include weekly visiting with seniors, working in the office, and teaching over the phone. There are also after school volunteer programs designed for teenagers who want to help out.

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