Moving to New York City with Pets

Those who say that the city is no place for a pet have obviously never lived in one. New York City has almost as much to offer the four legged as it does people, with plenty of spaces for pets to run and play, careful babysitters to watch your pet when you’re out of town, and even restaurants that let you enjoy a nice meal with your furry friend in tow. Once you’ve gotten settled in your pet-friendly apartment in NYC, it’s time to start exploring all the perks available to your pet.


If your office isn’t dog friendly and you don’t want to leave your pet alone all day, it’s a good idea to send him to doggie daycare. There are a number of doggie daycare options on the Upper West Side. Playground Pups is a great option when your travels take you up to the 90s. Located between 92nd and 93rd street, it offers daycare on the weekdays and a puppy playgroup on the weekends. The playgroup is ideal for dogs that need a little extra help socializing.

Camp Canine, at 73rd street and Columbus Avenue, offers daycare seven days a week, as well as boarding for dogs who need to stay overnight. Your pet has a few options at Camp Canine, from a traditional crated environment to a crate-free boarding experience.

Dog Runs

Your dog can run freely in the great outdoors at several dog parks near the Upper West Side. Riverside Park has several dog runs, for example. The dog runs are located in the park at 72nd street, 87th street and 105th street. Your dog can go off-leash, but only in the dog run area. If you’re walking him elsewhere in Riverside Park, he needs to stay on leash, at least between 9 am and 9pm. Before 9am and after 9pm, your dog is allowed off-leash in both Riverside Park and Central Park.

Dining with Your Pet

If you don’t mind eating outside, there are a few restaurants on the Upper West Side that will let you enjoy a meal with your dog. You can grab a burger and fries from the Shake Shack on 77th and either eat your meal on the bench outside or head into the park for a mini-picnic with your pet. Shake Shack locations with outdoor dining in other parts of the city let your pet sit by you as you eat.

It makes sense that a restaurant that decorates its walls with photos of dogs would also be pretty welcoming to pets. Fred’s, which is named for a black lab, allows dogs at the outside tables. Along with letting you dine with your animal, Fred’s is also known for having a pretty great burger, which your dog will surely notice.

City living with a pet doesn’t mean he has to stay cooped up all day in your apartment. Whether you take him to a playgroup or spend some time in the morning or early evening playing at the local park, your pet will find plenty to love about living in our pet-friendly apartments on the Upper West Side.

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