Moving to the Upper West Side

Moving to a new city, or even a new neighborhood within your current city, can be a daunting task. Between planning, packing, unloading, and the numerous steps that follow, it’s hard to even get started. To make things easier, we’ve designed this custom moving guide for those who are thinking about moving to the Upper West Side.

Establish a Plan

Start your move off right by having a plan in place before you even begin packing. If you want to avoid as many headaches as possible, consider how you will unload your belongings upon arriving at your new place. Doing so will help you to stay organized during the unloading process. For example, try to save the largest items for last when loading your moving truck so that they can be unloaded first when you reach your new home.

Unload the Right Way

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Organizing the moving truck is far from the only thing you can do to prepare for your move. Planning the unloading process will save you a considerable amount of time, as well. Designing a furniture layout prior to the move-in day is one trick that can easily save you hours of needless frustration. Most apartment websites offer mockups of their units online, such as these floor plans for The Aldyn and these floor plans for The Ashley. You may also consider taking a measuring tape with you when first viewing the apartment to gain a more detailed understanding of its dimensions.

Hire a Moving Service

Lifting couches, mattresses, and other heavy furniture is nobody’s idea of a good time. And if you’re not careful, it can also wreak havoc on your health. Remember to keep in mind that hiring a moving service is always an option, especially if you’re new in town and don’t have a friend or family member to help you with the process of carrying all that furniture. Although there are plenty of moving services in the Upper West Side, Excellent Quality Movers and Small Movers are two of the closest options.

Get Rid of Unwanted Goods

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Realizing that you no longer want certain belongings is fairly common after a move. This is especially true for people who are living in Manhattan for the first time, and who are not used to living in the smaller spaces for which much of the city’s real estate is known. If you discover that there is little room in your new place for old pieces of furniture, or you simply no longer want certain belongings, consider donating your old belongings to a charity thrift store. A local Salvation Army, which accepts larger items, can be found at 546 West 46th Street.

Change Your Address

Once you have set up your living space and cleared your new home of clutter, it’s time to finalize your move. To make sure all of your mail comes to the right place, contact the local post office of your previous residence and let them know you have changed your address. You may also need to inform your credit, phone, and internet companies as well.

Living on the Upper West Side

We hope this list has been helpful during your transition. Once you have everything settled, it’s time to go out on the town and discover what living on the Upper West Side is all about. For more information on the city, including facts about dining and nightlife, arts and culture, outdoor recreation, and more, visit our other resources about living on the Upper West Side.

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Moving to The Upper West Side

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Moving to the Upper West Side