Frequently Asked Questions for Those Renting NYC Corporate Housing on the Upper West Side

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding corporate and furnished housing. In order to clarify this confusion for our guests, we have assembled the following list of frequently asked questions.

Question #1: Who Rents Corporate-Housing Apartments?

While temporary housing isn’t for everyone, it does have advantages for certain individuals and situations. For instance, when a large company has a temporary need for a very specific skillset, they may hire a consultant or specialist on a short term contract. This specialist will need a place to stay, but likely will not want to sign a long term lease, making corporate housing on the Upper West Side a more suitable option.

Although corporate housing is fairly common, there are plenty of other reasons why an individual might seek out a temporary residence. Home-owners who are currently renovating their properties, immediate family members of local hospital patients, and individuals who are simply enjoying an extended vacation on the UWS all look for the comforts of home without being bound to the permanency of a lease agreement.

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Question #2: What Advantages Do Corporate Rentals Have Over Online Resources?

Online resources that allow individuals to rent out their homes or sections of their homes will always present an alternative to corporate apartment rentals. However, sites like Craigslist and AirBnb are certainly not without their downsides. One problem with Craigslist is that users must apply filters to ensure that the room is available for an extended period of time, rather than just a few days. Users also have to worry about phishing and payment scams. Although AirBnb is slightly better at protecting its users from such scams, erratic availability remains just as much of a concern. In addition, it should be noted that most rooms rented out by AirBnb hosts tend to lack the amenities that one might find at a commercial establishment.

Question #3: What Advantages Do Corporate Rentals Have Over Hotels?

Those who are not interested in sourcing their residency from online resource sites like Craiglist or AirBnb may find that long-term hotel stays present another option. However, when compared to corporate housing rentals, these too are at a disadvantage. The primary concern most temporary residents will have with hotel rooms is that many lack a kitchen altogether or simply include a basic “kitchenette.” Although this may not bother a temporary hotel guest who would likely want to experience New York’s dining and nightlife scene anyway, it can present problems for those who plan on staying for more than a week. Food costs add up, after all, and any money which might be saved on rent would not make up for the funds lost on food.

Kitchen in Upper West Side NYC Corporate Housing
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Question #4: What Resources Are Available to Those Renting in the Upper West Side?

Those interested in renting short term apartments on the UWS will be happy to know that there are plenty of resources within walking distance, the most notable of which being food and grocery stores. Jubilee Market and D’Agostino’s are popular markets in the area, as are a number of other markets and grocery stores within a few blocks. However, the advantages to living in a UPS corporate housing rental are certainly not limited to being able to cook your own meals. There’s also a ton of culture to be consumed, as well, with everything from Central Park to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts at your fingertips.

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