Preschool and Childcare on the Upper West Side

Your children are by far the most precious thing in your life, and you will do anything to make sure that they are raised in a way that helps them develop into independent, intelligent, and successful adults. One way to ensure this development occurs is to keep your kids’ minds stimulated and constantly learning, be it through play, books, or simple conversations with caregivers and friends. The following paragraphs examine some of the best ways to help your child grow in the city of Manhattan, with a special emphasis on organizations within the UWS. Here’s a look at caregivers, preschool programs, and afterschool programs in the Upper West Side.


Enrolling your child in a preschool program is a great way to get a head start on his or her education. Multiple studies show that kids who start their schooling prior to kindergarten have greater success later on in their academic careers. Fortunately, there are countless preschools in the Upper West Side that can provide your child with a fun and mentally stimulating educational experience before he or she enters elementary school. First Friends Preschool, for example, embraces a curriculum that understands the importance of fostering growth in all domains of childhood development, driving emotional, cognitive, and physical progress. The school is located on the 200 block of West 74th Street.


Raising a child while employed full time is a difficult juggling act. And although you would love to be home when your son or daughter returns from school, sometimes work responsibilities prevent that from happening. If your schedule keeps you away from home in the late afternoon, an afterschool program can keep your child under the supervision of a qualified adult while also allowing him or her to continue learning new things. Re-Create, located at 100 West 84th Street, is the perfect facility to help your child learn and grow after school. The organization takes an alternative route to education, offering classes in everything from painting and guitar to yoga and skateboarding.

Nannies, Au Pairs, and Caregivers

Renting on the Upper West Side of Manhattan places you in the middle of what is arguably the world’s busiest city. With so much going on all of the time, it’s perfectly natural for you to need some assistance with raising your kids. Luckily, there are thousands of qualified nannies, au pairs, and caregivers living in New York City who can help. But with so many applicants, and your understandable desire to make sure that your child is matched with the best person possible, it’s hard to make a decision on who to pick. That’s where A Choice Nannies comes in. This Upper West Side nanny service filters through thousands of applicants in order to find the best match for you and your child. ACN is owned and operated by a team of highly qualified individuals who hold advanced degrees in education, counseling, and law.

While the organizations above provide a good start, by no means do they represent all of the educational opportunities in the region. To find out what works best for your child, take him or her to a few schools and see what he or she enjoys the most.

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